A simple island generation tool created for PROCJAM 2018. Based off the Procedural Landmass Generation tutorial by Sebastian Lague


  • Spacebar - Generate terrain
  • Escape - Show/Hide settings window
Made withUnity


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Pretty nice island generator. Really digging the look. Would actually be awesome to explore these islands from a first-person perspective! Have you thought about what it would go like if you did something like volcanoes or such? :O

the height slider doesnt work on my computer

but still really cool

I'm not sure why the slider wouldn't work. I'll take a look at it. I'm glad you like it though :) 

Nice choice of colors ! Makes the whole scene look very nice !

This should inspire you to use it further for a  pirate adventure game, with random treasures and all ^^

I have actually been wanting to turn this into a game actually, and a pirate theme sounds like it would be pretty cool!


You could do what Sea of Thieves failed to deliver, a sense of adventure and exploration !